Interior Services

car-interiorWhile most people can admire the outside of your vehicle, only you can truly appreciate an immaculate interior. At Unique Detailing of Las Vegas, we offer a wide variety of interior services to suit your car’s specific needs. Service’s range from a basic package offered in our Unique Wash to a full out detail. Interior services in a unique wash include a wipe down of all surfaces, thorough vacuuming of carpets, seats, air vents and most importantly streak free windows. Our full interior detail incorporates a thorough yet gentle hand cleaning of all door panels, vents, dashboard elements and exposed plastics. Leather surfaces are cleaned with a green-friendly product and conditioned with mink oil to retain its original suppleness. A complete carpet extraction is also included in this service.

Exterior Services

buffingPaint Scratch Removal:

Our staff at Unique Detailing of Las Vegas is trained and capable to remove all types of scratches and swirl marks, through special unique compounding and polishing techniques. This process involves multiple levels of polishing and very precise preparing of the paint’s surface. See our FAQS page for details.

Paint Contamination Removal:

A clay bar was first used by Japanese auto manufacturers. The technology was passed to the US market in the late 90’s. Claying a vehicle is used to remove embedded pollutants and debris, such as tree sap and bugs, from the painted surface, leaving behind an ultra-smooth finish.

The Unique Wash

washingPrices starting from $65* for cars and $75* for Suv’s/Trucks.

The Unique Wash includes the following:

  • Hand wash & dry with spot free water
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Door jambs cleaned including trunk
  • Wheels/fender-wells cleaned
  • Tires/fender-wells dressed
  • Interior Vacuumed including trunk
  • Complete Interior wipe down

* More accurate quotes after phone or in person consultation, will be provided as additional charges apply to larger or excessively dirty vehicles

Full Interior Detail

20140415_115030-500wThe Full Interior Detail starts at $180.00*. It includes everything in the Unique Wash plus the following:

  • Leather/vinyl cleaned & conditioned
  • Thorough cleaning of dash, center console, door panels, cup holders, ashtrays, ect.
  • Carpet & Seats including truck vacuumed thoroughly
  • Air vents cleaned & sanitized
  • Carpet’s hot water extracted for the deepest clean

* More accurate quotes after phone or in person consultation, will be provided as additional charges apply to larger or excessively dirty vehicles

Full Exterior Detail

The Full Exterior  Detail starts $225.00*.  It includes the Unique Wash plus a Paint Sealant.

A paint sealant is a compound used to protect the paint on a vehicle and also to restore its shine by increasing its depth. Unlike wax however, it is made of entirely of synthetic industrial ingredients so it creates a heavier barrier between the paint and paint sealant. The difference between a Paint Sealant and a wax is that a sealant tends to last longer, partly because the melting point of this type of sealer is much higher than that of wax. For this reason, it usually needs to be applied less often.

* More accurate quotes after phone or in person consultation, will be provided as additional charges apply to larger or excessively dirty vehicles

Complete Detail

20140411_182027-500From – $349-$480

It includes everything in the Unique Wash plus the following:

  • Premium synthetic paint sealant
  • Clean & Dress wheels/wells
  • Trim protectant
  • Carpet extraction
  • Clean & Condition leather

A La Carte Services

car-headlightThe following are other services that can be added to one of the above services:

  • Headlight restoration – $80/pair
  • Engine Detail starts $50.00
  • Pet hair removal starts $25.00
  • Odor removal starts $50.00
  • Event or Show Presentation Exterior – call for quotes
  • Engine detail – starting at $65
  • Paint sealant – starting at $99
  • Carpet extraction – starting at $65
  • Seat cleaning – starting at $40/row
  • Paint restoration, paint correction, water spots, swirls etc.. – must call to set up an appointment to inspect the paint for an accurate quote

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